“Finding Life, Learning to Live, Living to Serve”

At Smith Grove, we’re about life. We’re about finding life, learning to live, and living to serve. We find that these three components encompass the spiritual journey we are all on as we seek to follow Christ. Finding Life The first step of the Christian walk is finding life – true spiritual life – in Christ. While there are so many things that seem to offer us peace, satisfaction, love, hope, life – all of them fall short compared to the true life offered by Christ. In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He has come to bring us life – true, sustaining, abundant life that we find only through Him. At Smith Grove our greatest hope is that people will come to find that life in Christ and begin to walk with Him.

Discipleship and Teaching

Learning to Live The Christian life doesn’t end with accepting Christ – it merely begins there. Discipleship and teaching are critical components of learning how to walk with Christ. Much of what we do at Smith Grove is geared towards teaching and supporting the Christian life, as we learn how to live in ways that follow God and reflect Christ. Living to Serve The ultimate purpose of our lives in Christ is bringing glory to God, which we do through service to Him and those around us. Once we find life in Christ and learn more about following Him, the ultimate trajectory of the vibrant Christian life is going out and serving – often outside the walls of our church building. We want to represent Christ to the world around us, that they might see His love in us and come to find life in Him.