disasterreliefOne exciting new area of missions for us is disaster relief. The Southern Baptist Convention plays a large part in disaster relief globally, through the efforts of trained volunteers. There are a number of possible areas of service, including: chainsaw, mud-out, food preparation, childcare, laundry, communications and chaplaincy. As we build a disaster relief team at Smith Grove, we anticipate responding to calls from SBC Disaster Relief, as well as being prepared to assist with local natural disasters.

We have been building a team of disaster relief volunteers from Smith Grove, and several went to get trained in various specialized areas this year. As more training opportunities become available we will announce them. While we strongly encourage volunteers to get training, even if you have not been trained and certified with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief you can still be involved in relief operations, in capacities that do not require previous training but are nonetheless critical (helping to drag cut tree limbs, carry buckets, etc.). If you are interested in joining this ministry, please contact us.

Eventually we will be looking to build a local response trailer. We will be looking for donations to equip that trailer, including: chainsaws, safety clothing, ropes and chains, lighting, generator and a HAM radio.